Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Commuter Knitter - Episode 27 - A Little Rusty This Week

A bit rusty, but I'm back after an unexpected hiatus last week.
BBT Scarf
No More Tears Socks
Granny Square Afghan
Color Affection
Lollipop Yarn Etsy
Judy's Magic Cast On
Dark & Stormy
Tangerine Designs
Birdleg Bags
Slipped Stitch Studios
Halos of Hope KAL
Hopewood Crafts
Great Halos of Hope Buzz
University of Gallifrey Fighting Time Lords T-shirt
Road Trip

Greater Boston Yarn Crawl - Sept 28-30th
Interweave Knitting Lab - October 4-7, 2012, Manchester, NH
Stitches East - October 11-14, 2012, Hartford, CT
NY Sheep & Wool - October 20-21, 2012, Rhinebeck, NY
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  1. Really enjoying the podcast! However, I have got a little behind, so I'm only just downloading this episode to listen to later. Thank you for the time you give to creating something that is really interesting to listen to.