Commuter Knitter - Episode 65 - Interview with Benjamin Levisay

This week I had the privilege of sitting down with Benjamin Levisay for the podcast (no, I was not driving as I recorded!)  Benjamin is CEO of XRX, Inc., the company behind Knitter's magazine, XRX Books and STITCHES Expos.  He also hosts his own weekly podcast, Fiber Hooligan, where he interviews the best and brightest in the industry.  Today, Benjamin is in the interviewee chair as we chat about STITCHES, Halos of Hope, and the Podcaster Throwdown.

Podcasting from home

Links to check out:

Find Benjamin - Twitter (@BenjaminXRX) - Facebook - Ravelry

XRX, Inc.
XRX Books

Fiber Hooligan - BlogTalk Radio - Ravelry Group - Facebook Group

Halos of Hope
Drew Emborsky's Chemo Cap Challenge
Podcaster Throwdown
Don't forget to vote in the thread for Episode 64 for which team gets the official Commuter Knitter podcast endorsement.  Voting will stay open for another week or so.  As of today, the following teams are participating:

KnottyGirls KnitcastRavelry Group 
Knitmore Girls PodcastRavelry Group 
CraftlitRavelry Group 
Read, Set, KnitWEBs Ravelry Group 
Yarn on TapRavelry Group 
Knit Knit CafeRavelry Group

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  1. Jen! Is everything ok?? Going through withdrawls, missing your wonderful podcast. Hope all is well, and you are just busy!


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