Wooly 2.0 Kickstarter Launches

You all know that I love Ravelry - the projects pages, keeping track of my (ever-growing) stash, having  my queue (which is also ever-growing), taking a peek at what my friends are up to, the forums - all relating back to my love of yarn.  The powers-that-be at Ravelry have always said that with their small team, they were unable to create and maintain mobile apps for the various platforms.  Instead, they created a mobile site that can be used in your browser and opened up the API to third-party developers to create their own apps.

Do you remember way back in Episode 12 when I talked about this new app called Wooly?  This was the first iOS app available to work with Ravelry, and it was developed by knitters, for knitters.  When the app was first released, it gave you limited view-only access to your Ravelry projects pages, stash & your queue.  That alone was a huge step.  How many times have you been in an LYS and couldn't remember whether you had a particular yarn in your stash, or needed to know how much yardage you needed for a particular pattern in your queue?  Over time, the app expanded to allow you to edit projects and add photos.  The photos feature is one I use all the time.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I take a lot of progress photos of my projects.  With Wooly, I am able to upload those photos right from my phone into my project pages on Ravelry without having to first load them to Flickr and then pull them in to Ravelry.

Now, as more of the Ravelry API is made available to them, John and Dave are getting ready to expand these basic features of Wooly.  They launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this week to raise $8000 as they develop Wooly 2.0.  The campaign will run to August 7th and there are various rewards available depending on the level of support.

Here's a sneak peek at what they are working on for the next generation of their app taken directly from the Kickstarter page:

As we speak we're building the next version of Wooly.  We call it Wooly 2.0.  New in this version, Wooly will be native to all of Apple's iDevices.  This means you know longer have to use the "2x" feature to expand the iPhone native interface when using Wooly on your iPad.  Just to be clear, Wooly will now look and feel absolutely spectacular on the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, and iPod Touch.
Here's a partial list of new features in Wooly 2.0

  • Pattern Search!
  • Offline access - your notebook content stored on your device
  • Filter and sort results
  • Add to queue
  • Cast on/create a project from a pattern
  • Sharing
  • Projects (list, create, edit, add photos, share)
  • Queue (add to queue, re-order, edit, share)
  • Stash (view list, details, edit, add, yards remaining, share)
  • Needles (view inventory chart, add/edit/delete needles, share)
  • Friends (view friends and their projects
  • Messages (Ravelry inbox, read and compose)

All of these are features that have been requested by Wooly users in the last year, but only now are John & Dave able to make these features available in the app.  Can't wait!!

You can find more information about Wooly from their Website / Twitter / Facebook / Ravelry Group


  1. Thanks for the update!

    Here's the link to the Wooly Kickstarter. Be part of something Mammoth!




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