Commuter Knitter FAQs

Why did you decide to start a podcast?
Well, I spend much of my commuting time listening to podcasts, particularly of the knitting variety.  Dreaming about fiber-y goodness helps keep me grounded while stuck in the gridlock traffic, and often times I found myself chatting along with the hosts.  Then one night during a particularly bad drive home, I decided that I should try my hand at starting my own podcast.  I did a test run on my iPhone and on February 29, 2012 the Pilot episode of The Commuter Knitter was released.

How do you record in the car? Isn't it dangerous to podcast & drive?
I record the episode using the iTalk app on my iPhone.  When I get in the car, I press the big record button and just babble along.  No different than chatting with a fellow passenger or using a hands-free device to talk on the phone.

Because of the safety factor, I do not use extensive show notes and spend the few days before I record thinking about what I want to say.  If there is something of particular importance or a special "thank you" that I want to remember, I write the person's name on a Post-It note stuck to my steering wheel as a friendly reminder.

Any reviews or contest announcements are recorded in my living room and patched into the episode during editing.

When did you start knitting?
I taught myself to knit during Thanksgiving break in 2005.  At the time I was a second-year law student up in Boston during the midst of my busiest semester - 16 credits, an internship at the Attorney General's office, and work on one of the Law Journals.  I desperately needed an outlet to relieve stress at the end of the long days, so while I was home for Thanksgiving, I picked up "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting", 2 skeins of Red Heart Super Saver, and a pair of Boye aluminum needles in US size 10.

Three months later, I had finished my very first scarf in a simple basketweave pattern.  Unknowingly, I gifted it to my then-boyfriend-now-husband for Valentine's Day.  I'm assuming the "boyfriend curse" does not apply if one does not know of its existence :-)

Are you and Carlos really that supportive of each others' habits? 
I may not fully understand the gaming world and he may never fully understand my fascination with sticks & string, but we do support each other whole-heartedly.   It helps that our weekly budget includes an "allowance" for each of us - money that gets deposited into separate his & hers play funds.  She cannot question purchases from his and he cannot question purchases from hers.

That Big Bang Theory scarf is AMAZING - are you going to release it as a pattern?
I will post the charts up on Ravelry once the scarf is complete later in 2012; however it will not be a complete pattern.

Besides knitting, what other hobbies interest you?
I taught myself to crochet during the Winter Olympics 2010 as part of my personal Ravelympics challenge.  When I'm not playing with yarn, I enjoy scrapbooking and photography.


  1. love your podcast and blog...I miss New York, Ct, NJ.... I am in Florida now (have been for the last 10 years). I listen to several of the podcasts in your queue! Do you ever invite guest to your show? like knitwear designers?

    1. Hi Brenda - Thanks for listening. Glad to bring a bit of the Northeast to you in Florida! I have had only one episode with a guest so far - Benjamin Levisay from XRX/STITCHES/Fiber Hooligan. With my schedule it is a bit difficult to arrange for interviews on a regular basis as I usually fit in recording either in the car, or later at night at home.

  2. Sure, I understand. By the way, love your knitting photos and your stash :-)