A tragic day in Newtown...

Hi everyone,
I’ve been tweeting a bit about the events of today and as the hours go by it is still very difficult to process what has happened and put it into words. I did want to say that I truly appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for our little town where we are all shaken and in shock.
Carlos and I are off work today - he was out running errands and picking up lunch when he called around 11ish to ask if I was watching the news. He said there was a shooting at Sandy Hook School. I must admit that I didn’t believe him at first, but turned on the TV to see that he was right. At this time we were only being told that the shooter was dead and 3 others were injured and being treated at the hospital.
I broke down almost immediately and couldn’t stop crying. I called my dad to see if he had heard from my mom who works in another elementary school in town. While I was on the phone with him, my mom called my dad and he told her to call me. She couldn’t talk long, but did assure me that she was OK. They were trying to keep everything calm for the kids and the schools were all on lockdown.
About an hour later we were driving to the store and heard that they were saying 27 shot including 18 children. Much more horrific than what we initially thought. Right around then my phone started beeping with texts and calls and tweets as the news was spreading with these numbers.
About 45 minutes ago there was a press conference where police confirmed 20 children and 6 adults lost their lives. Plus the shooter and another victim elsewhere.
This school is about 4 miles from my house. This is a small quiet town. There are no words. Absolutely no words.
Hug those you love extra tight tonight.


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