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Commuter Knitter - Episode 62 - Did I Mention Rhinebeck At All?

Drive Bayside Pullover  by Hannah Fettig - Camp Loopy Project Number 3 Cascade Heritage Silk  in Strawberry Creme Road Maps  Swatching in the Round - the cheater's way Your Mileage May Vary The Rhinebeck Sweater - share your thoughts and opinions about the tradition of knitting a Rhinebeck (or other festival) Sweater over in the Ravelry Group . Round the Twist episode where Carin shares her "Rhinebeck Sweater Tale of Woe". Traffic Report  Congrats to John and Dave for reaching their Kickstarter Campaign goal - can't wait to see what they have in store for Wooly 2.0 ! Martine of the iMake podcast and blog released her first issue of the iMake Magazine - available from her Etsy and Craftsy shops Deborah Tomasello of Colorworks by Debi released her first book - Wrapped in Color Stranded Knitting for the 21st Century available as a Ravelry download . Vote for Ya

Commuter Knitter - Episode 61 - Always One to Color in the Lines

You've Arrived at Your Destination Narragansett  by Thea Coleman -  Camp Loopy Project Number 2 Trip Planner/Cargo Bayside Pullover  by Hannah Fettig - Camp Loopy Project Number 3 starts August 1 Cascade Heritage Silk  in Strawberry Creme Your Mileage May Vary Follow up from last week - I found the ND Cross Stitch! Offroading ND Football starts this month!! Having lots of fun with my new toy - my pink Cuisinart ice cream maker.  I mention the ice cream blog post by Jasmin of the Knitmore Girls that I had saved for this occasion.  Traffic Report Wooly 2.0 is coming!  Check out their  Kickstarter Campaign  for all the details about the new features that will be available soon for iOS.  I also wrote about it  two weeks ago . Trailer:   Wooly 2.0 Trailer For Kickstarter  from  BMW Airhead  on  Vimeo . Road Trips Thankfully I remembered