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Commuter Knitter - Episode 97 - There's All Sorts of Cheating Happening in This Episode!

Socks as far as the eye can see! And Jen is a cheater... You've Arrived at Your Destination Rainbows Flying Off the Needles Drive Stash Dash  strategizing -  Details in TheKnitGirllls group Jasmin  and I have a friendly wager going Pomme de pin #operationclearthesockneedles Vesper Intergalactic Swirl E. Socks  in  One Twisted Tree   Variegated Twist  Spring Forward 2.0  -  One Twisted Tree Whiz Bang  by  MrsShoo  from the  In a Sknit podcast  in  Quaere Fibre   Sparkle Sock  in Vincent & The Doctor Paton's Kroy Blue Ragg Stripe Poste Yarn - Elm Street Two Lane Highway Rage Socks  in  Voolenvine Yarns  stored in my glove box in my  Stitched by Jessalu  BBT bag. Little Mount Yarn Co. Exploding TARDIS Lollipop - Whisker Lickin's Prairie Girls Knit & Spin podcast Oh Loops! and Fiber by Design Yarngasm Video Podcast Road Maps - Sock Edition Over the course of the several episodes, we are chatting about socks.  T