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Commuter Knitter - Episode 102

A little late in getting this episode out to you all, but I hope you enjoy! Your Mileage May Vary Does the shorter daylight time in the winter months impact your knitting or crafting time? You've Arrived at Your Destination Antler Cardigan Drive Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket Yoda from Star Wars Crochet Trip Planner Recreating a blanket that my great-grandma crocheted for me as a baby that was handed down to my middle brother Party Bus Dusting off the Party Bus to give away a copy of Skein Watch Socks by Kinoknits **Note - after recording the episode, Mary let me know that she recently started a podcast of her own .  I've listened to the first few episodes and this one will definitely find its way into my rotation! Prairie Girls Knit & Spin One Twisted Tree yarns Enter to win in the Ravelry Group Offroading Carlos and I ventured up to Boston for the ND-BC game at Fenway Park and had a wonderful time! Come Find me on the Interweb