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Commuter Knitter - Episode 92 - Just Right Like Goldilocks

This week it's all about gauge! You've Arrived at Your Destination Rainbow Socks for Carlos  in  White Birch Fiber Arts  Nothing Says Screw You Like a Rainbow Thanks again to Jasmin of the  Knitmore Girls  for a podcast-friendly name for this color way :-) Megan Williams' OMG Heel Drive Stash Dash strategizing Pomme de pin Halloween Stripey Socks Road Maps - Sock Edition Over the course of the next several episodes, we are going to chat about socks.  This episode the discussion is all about yarn and needles. This week we talk about how much gauge can change the outcome of your socks. Spring Forward Turned Vanilla Spring Forward 2.0  -  One Twisted Tree I mention my Valentine Socks out of Must Stash Yarns from the kit with Suburban Stitcher and Vintage Rose Sock Edition Thread  in the Ravelry Group - let me know what you want me to talk about in this segment - ask away! Road Trips Connecticut Sheep & Wool  - T