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Commuter Knitter - WFH Edition - Episode 107 - Not Letting Perfection Get in the Way

Four years, four months and a week ago was the last time I recorded an episode of the podcast.  After all this time, my knitting spark has finally turned back into a (small) flame and I have been inspired to return to the podcast to share!  **Please note - all Ravelry links will be clearly labeled as such** You've Arrived at Your Destination Little Camaro by Tanis Lavalee  - Tanis Fiber Arts website Little Camaro Ravelry Project Page    Mini Last Unicorn - Bad Wolf Girl Studios Etsy Shop Mini Last Unicorn Ravelry Project Page Drive Crazyheart by Tanis Lavallee  - Tanis Fiber Arts website Crazyheart Ravelry Project Page Trip Planner North Shore by Tin Can Knits  - TCK website Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio DK Bean & Olive by Andrea Mowry  - Drea Renee Knits website Bean & Olive Grown-Up by Andrea Mowry - Drea Renee Knits website LolaBean Yarn Co. Come Find me on the Interwebs Ravelry -  ndjen04 Ravelry Group -  Commuter Knitter Podcast Twitter - @ CommuterKnitter Face