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Commuter Knitter - Episode 65 - Interview with Benjamin Levisay

This week I had the privilege of sitting down with Benjamin Levisay for the podcast (no, I was not driving as I recorded!)  Benjamin is CEO of XRX, Inc., the company behind Knitter's magazine, XRX Books and STITCHES Expos.  He also hosts his own weekly podcast, Fiber Hooligan, where he interviews the best and brightest in the industry.  Today, Benjamin is in the interviewee chair as we chat about STITCHES, Halos of Hope, and the Podcaster Throwdown. Links to check out: Find Benjamin - Twitter  ( @BenjaminXRX ) - Facebook - Ravelry XRX, Inc. Knitter's XRX Books STITCHES Fiber Hooligan  - BlogTalk Radio  - Ravelry Group - Facebook Group Halos of Hope Drew Emborsky's Chemo Cap Challenge Podcaster Throwdown Don't forget to vote in the thread for Episode 64 for which team gets the official Commuter Knitter podcast endorsement.  Voting will stay open for another week or so.  As of today, the following teams are participating: KnottyGirls Knitcast ,  R

Commuter Knitter - Episode 64 - Lots to Share

Thank you so much to everyone who reached out over the last month between episodes.  Everything is OK and I am glad to be back chatting with you! You've Arrived At Your Destination Classic WWII Watch Cap for Little Brother (I forgot to take a photo before taping up the box...) Drive Halloween Socks for Carlos  -  Denali Socks  with the links for the formula I'm using Christmas Stripe-y Socks for me Susan B. Anderson's sock drawer  - this post was all the way back in March.  My how time flies! My personal Operation Sock Drawer: June's Favorite Cardigan  by Hannah Fettig Knit Pro charting site Baby Sophisticate by Linden Down Road Maps 30 Day Sweater Challenge Raglan Shaping Video Tutorial (part of the promotional tour in September) Link to Free Sweater Planning Guide (with coupon code for 25% off the 30 Day Sweater ebook) 30 Day Sweater Ravelry Group My 30 Day Sweater project Traffic Report