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Commuter Knitter - Episode 104 - Four Years Ago Today a Podcast Was Born

Four years ago today, I turned on the voice memo app on my phone and the Commuter Knitter Podcast was born.  Thank you for a wonderful FOUR years!! :-) You've Arrived at Your Destination Ripples 2.0 Newborn Vertebrae #2 Drive Repaired Carlos' Fighting Irish Mittens Puerperium Cardigan - newborn size Go Buffalo! Neutral Playful Stripes Cardigan King of the Forest Traffic Report Some new podcasts for you to enjoy! Kino Knits In a Sknit - rebooted as a one-woman video podcast with krisluvswool Cultivate and Create - with mrsshoo (formerly of In a Sknit) Unraveling with Greg and Joey Thank you for a great four years of podcasting! Come Find me on the Interwebs Ravelry -  ndjen04 Ravelry Group -  Commuter Knitter Podcast Twitter - @ CommuterKnitter Facebook -  Commuter Knitter Periscope - Commuter Knitter Em