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Commuter Knitter - Episode 105 - You Would Think This Would Be Like Riding a Bike

I'm BAAAACCCCKKKK in the Saddle! Three months and a day between episodes.  Boy am I glad to be back at the microphone.  Not much progress to share on the knitting front, so I share my plans to get my knitting mojo back this summer with ALL THE KALs.  We also have a special guest for the last segment or two :-) You've Arrived at Your Destination Puerperium Cardigan - newborn size Drive & Trip Planner Stash Dash with TheKnitGirllls Graduate Your Stash KAL with Kino Knits Batter Up KAL with In a Sknit Great Outdoors KAL with Knitting Butterflies Splash Pad Party with Down Cellar Studio Kitchen Counter Crafter PALKAL with ACTually Knitting One Twisted Tree Go Buffalo! Playful Stripes Cardigan Baby Shrug 1 and Baby Shrug 2 Arne and Carlos Socks Whiz Bang Spring Forward Halloween Socks Yeti Socks  Two Lane Highway Rage Whisker Lickin' Socks Mix and Match Henleys Flax Light Offroading Cross Stitching

Commuter Knitter - Episode 104 - Four Years Ago Today a Podcast Was Born

Four years ago today, I turned on the voice memo app on my phone and the Commuter Knitter Podcast was born.  Thank you for a wonderful FOUR years!! :-) You've Arrived at Your Destination Ripples 2.0 Newborn Vertebrae #2 Drive Repaired Carlos' Fighting Irish Mittens Puerperium Cardigan - newborn size Go Buffalo! Neutral Playful Stripes Cardigan King of the Forest Traffic Report Some new podcasts for you to enjoy! Kino Knits In a Sknit - rebooted as a one-woman video podcast with krisluvswool Cultivate and Create - with mrsshoo (formerly of In a Sknit) Unraveling with Greg and Joey Thank you for a great four years of podcasting! Come Find me on the Interwebs Ravelry -  ndjen04 Ravelry Group -  Commuter Knitter Podcast Twitter - @ CommuterKnitter Facebook -  Commuter Knitter Periscope - Commuter Knitter Em

Commuter Knitter - Episode 103 - Looking at 2015 in the Rearview Mirror

Happy New Year!  Thank you all for a wonderful 2015 and here's to a great 2016!! You've Arrived at Your Destination Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket Force Awakens Hat Drive Yeti Socks Ripples 2.0 Gauge Matters in Crochet, too! Party Bus Dusting off the Party Bus to give away a copy of  Skein Watch Socks  by  Kinoknits Mary recently started a  podcast of her own .  I've listened to the first few episodes and this one will definitely find its way into my rotation! Prairie Girls Knit & Spin One Twisted Tree yarns Enter to win in the Ravelry Group  - Contest will close January 10th Rearview Mirror Recap of 2015 Goals New-to-me Yarn Dyers added to the stash in 2015: Kismet Fiberworks One Twisted Tree Twist Fiber Studio Arne & Carlos Gale's Art Oh!  Loops Fab Funky Fibres Looking ahead to 2016 Balance is the key word for this year Come Find me on the Interwebs Ravelry -  ndjen0