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Episode 60 - I Hope that Makes Sense

Drive Narragansett  by Thea Coleman -  Camp Loopy Project Number 2 Trip Planner/Cargo Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig - Camp Loopy Project Number 3 starts August 1 Cascade Heritage Silk in Strawberry Creme I interrupt Trip Planner & Cargo with a tale of tangles trying to wind yarn with the husband. Road Maps Substituting the DK for worsted is turning out OK - so far! Your Mileage May Vary What other non-fibery crafty endeavors do you pursue?  I mention my scrapbooking and a desire to dust off my cross-stitch skills.  Come share some inspiration in the Ravelry Group! No such luck locating the ND Cross Stitch - wasn't where I thought it was.  Will search over the weekend and post a photo when I find it. Traffic Report Wooly 2.0 is coming!  Check out their  Kickstarter Campaign  for all the details about the new features that will be available soon for iOS.  I also wrote about it

Episode 59 - Measure Twice Cut Once

You've Arrived At Your Destination And So Are You  shawl for  Camp Loopy Project Number 1 Color Affection Drive Big Bang Theory Scarf #howiknit video Double Knitting Basics from Narragansett  by Thea Coleman -  Camp Loopy Project Number 2 Road Maps How to substitute yarn of a different gauge in a pattern.  A little bit of math is involved, but it's not too difficult. Pattern gauge - 4 sts per inch Personal gauge - 4.5 - 5 sts per inch Stitches at the bust to get desired size, which in this case for me is 34: x sts/34" = 5sts/1" x = 34*5 x = 170 sts This will be the number of stitches needed across bust to get the desired 34" bust measurement. Next, look through the pattern to find which size gives that number of stitches at the bust.  Use the numbers for that size in order to get the size I want. I did not mention during this episode

Wooly 2.0 Kickstarter Launches

You all know that I love Ravelry - the projects pages, keeping track of my (ever-growing) stash, having  my queue (which is also ever-growing), taking a peek at what my friends are up to, the forums - all relating back to my love of yarn.  The powers-that-be at Ravelry have always said that with their small team, they were unable to create and maintain mobile apps for the various platforms.  Instead, they created a mobile site that can be used in your browser and opened up the API to third-party developers to create their own apps. Do you remember way back in  Episode 12  when I talked about this new app called  Wooly ?  This was the first iOS app available to work with Ravelry, and it was developed by knitters, for knitters.  When the app was first released, it gave you limited view-only access to your Ravelry projects pages, stash & your queue.  That alone was a huge step.  How many times have you been in an LYS and couldn't remember whether you had a particular yarn in yo