Episode 60 - I Hope that Makes Sense


Trip Planner/Cargo
Bayside Pullover by Hannah Fettig - Camp Loopy Project Number 3 starts August 1
Cascade Heritage Silk in Strawberry Creme

Cascade Heritage for Camp Loopy

I interrupt Trip Planner & Cargo with a tale of tangles trying to wind yarn with the husband.

Road Maps
Substituting the DK for worsted is turning out OK - so far!

Your Mileage May Vary
What other non-fibery crafty endeavors do you pursue?  I mention my scrapbooking and a desire to dust off my cross-stitch skills.  Come share some inspiration in the Ravelry Group!

No such luck locating the ND Cross Stitch - wasn't where I thought it was.  Will search over the weekend and post a photo when I find it.

Traffic Report
Wooly 2.0 is coming!  Check out their Kickstarter Campaign for all the details about the new features that will be available soon for iOS.  I also wrote about it two weeks ago.


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