Commuter Knitter Podcast - WFH Edition - Episode 110 - Time is a Weird Concept These Days

 Join me for a mid-week episode of the podcast - Take 3!

Please note - none of the links are to pages on due to accessibility issues currently present on the site as of the time of this recording.

You've Arrived At Your Destination

North Shore by Tin Can Knits - TCK website


Bean & Olive and Bean & Olive Grown-up by Andrea Mowry

Vanilla Sock with Megan Williams' OMG Heel

Road Maps

I discuss choosing colors for color work knitting and mention Melissa Leapman's Mastering Color Knitting.

Your Mileage May Vary

I talk about finding one's knitting spark when life is throwing us curveballs - expectedly or unexpectedly.

Backseat Drivers

Stay tuned after the music for a clip of the twins chatting about knitting.

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