Episode 59 - Measure Twice Cut Once

You've Arrived At Your Destination
And So Are You
Color Affection

#howiknit video

Double Knitting Basics from KnittingHelp.com

Road Maps
How to substitute yarn of a different gauge in a pattern.  A little bit of math is involved, but it's not too difficult.

Pattern gauge - 4 sts per inch
Personal gauge - 4.5 - 5 sts per inch
Stitches at the bust to get desired size, which in this case for me is 34:

x sts/34" = 5sts/1"
x = 34*5
x = 170 sts

This will be the number of stitches needed across bust to get the desired 34" bust measurement. Next, look through the pattern to find which size gives that number of stitches at the bust.  Use the numbers for that size in order to get the size I want.

I did not mention during this episode, but my row gauge is almost the same as the suggested pattern gauge.  However, since this is a top down sweater, I can adjust the rows up or down as needed to get the right length.


Road Trips
Shop Hop

I-91 Shop Hop June 27-30 - Facebook Page
Metaphor Yarns Shelburne Falls, MA
Northampton Wools Northampton, MA
WEBS Northampton, MA
Marji's Yarncrafts Granby, CT
Creative Fibers Windsor, CT
Yarnover Avon, CT
Village Wools Glastonbury, CT
Knit New Haven New Haven, CT
Yarn Barn Woodbridge, CT
The Yarn Basket Branford, CT 

Tour de Fleece - June 29th-July 21st

Traffic Report - a new segment (named on the fly while recording this episode) where I will share any news that may not fit directly in another segment

Wooly 2.0 is coming!  Check out their Kickstarter Campaign for all the details about the new features that will be available soon for iOS.  I also wrote about it earlier today.


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